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Citrus Hystrix gin, with zest of combava. Flamboyant, festive and fascinating. Yours to discover!

Citrus Hystrix: dare to explore

14820501 Citrus Hystrix Gin

Like it’s cousin the lemon, combava, Citrus hystrix in Latin, is a perfect match for the juniper berry.

Spiritster offers you a gin with an exotic character that will add a unique lemony freshness to any drink or cocktail.

Degree of alcohol: 40 %
Size: 750 mL
Main aromas: lemongrass, lime, citrus
SAQ code: 14820501

Main ingredients

Baie de genièvre

Juniper berry

Zeste de combava

Zest of combava



Cardamome verte

Green cardamom

distilled in Québec, with zest of combava imported from Madagascar

Open up the frontiers of gin.
Have a taste!

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